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The Brew Centre Is Your Leading Provider Of Workplace Vending Machines

One of the best services you can offer your employees and guests is the sale of snacks and beverages at their convenience. Having a reliable onsite solution for lunch or that afternoon energy dip keeps everyone happy and satisfied, able to focus on their busy workday. Pick from a wide variety of refreshments, traditional snacks as well as healthy options with a versitible vending service that will meet your needs.

Proudly Offering Full-Service Vending Equipment And Products

The Brew Centre in Canada has over 40 years of experience in providing businesses with warehouse or office vending equipment and supplies. Our professional and dedicated team can work with you to determine a customized selection of inventory based on company needs. The solutions offered include Hot Drink Vending Machines, Cold Drink Vending Machines, Candy Vending Machines, and Fresh Food Vending Machines. We offer full-service vending programs across Mississauga, Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area.

The Brew Centre Proudly Carries These Office Vending Machines:

Hot Drink Machine

Hot Drink Vending Machine

Keep employees and customers satisfied with vended premium and fresh office coffee solutions with the simple touch of a button. These vending machines offer products such as gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, cafe latte, cafe mocha, french vanilla, and more. This machine technology automatically dispenses everything you need including the cup, beverage, sweetener, and dairy.

Merchant Snack Machine

Snack Vending Machine

Provide your customers and workers with tasty snacks and vending options with this modern machine. Employees and clients will be able to select from a wide variety, including some Healthy Choices as part of our Smart Pick program.

AP Snack Machine

AP Snack Vending Machine

These vending services are a great option if you are looking to offer a variety of bagged chips and chocolate bars. As with all our machines, this premium snack machine is fully equipped to accept credit card and mobile payments.

Bevmax Beverage Machine

Bevmax Beverage Vending Machine

We provide vending solutions and services so that you can offer cold water, vitamin water, coconut water, bottled juice/pop, energy drinks, Gatorade, and Snapple. The machine also features beautiful glass doors so purchasers can clearly see the wide selection of offerings.

Canned Pop/Juice Machine

Canned Vending Machine

For larger business locations, these machines are the powerhouse of vending beverages. It holds a high capacity of canned pop or juice in order to keep up with the demand of busy business locations. It is also a great addition to the bottled Bevmax vendor.

Fresh Food Machine

Fresh Food Vending Machine

Give your staff the option of healthy snacks with our fresh food vending service. The machine dispenses sandwiches, patties, pastries, milk, yogurt, and more

Credit Debit Reader

Our vending service and machines come equipped with credit, debit, and Apple Pay acceptance. Simply tap and go for ultimate convenience!


Brands We Carry!

We carry a wide range of vending service products to suite everyones needs. With our monitoring technology, we can see the best sellers at your specific location and tailor the items to your unique demographic and area of the GTA. This includes the classics as well as some healthier choices.

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From office coffee to vending snacks, The Brew Centre in Canada is proud to offer a comprehensive vending service to meet the needs of your company. Taste and experience the difference a professional unit can create in your office space. Contact us today to get started.