Vending Equipment

Vending Service Equipment

The Brew Centre offers a full Vending Service Program across the GTA. Equipment consists of Hot Drink Vending Machines, Cold Drink Vending Machines, Candy Snack Vending Machines and Fresh Food Vending Machines. A complete foodservice solution for your workplace location.

Hot Drink Machine

Hot Drink Vending Machine

Keep your employees satisfied by providing premium fresh coffee, hot chocolate, cafe latte, cafe mocha, french vanilla and more. A convenient coffee vending service, at the touch of a button.

Merchant Snack Machine

Snack Vending Machine

Our snack vending solution will give your corporate or warehouse location a tasty break. See our *Healthy Choices* program for more infomation on the wholesome product offerings.

AP Snack Machine

AP Snack Vending Machine

This snack solution is great and reliable for a large vending a variety of bagged and bar snacks!

Bevmax Beverage Machine

Bevmax Beverage Vending Machine

The Brew Centre offers refreshing a beautiful Beverage Vending Service to serve cold water, vitamin water, Coconut water, bottled juice/pop, Energy Drinks, Gatorade, or Snapple with our beautiful glass front drink machines.

Canned Pop/Juice Machine

Canned Vending Machine

For larger locations, this machine is the powerhouse of vending beverages. Holding a great deal of canned pop or juice to keep up with demand, this unit is a great addition to the bottled Bevmax vendor.

Fresh Food Machine

Fresh Food Vending Machine

Give your staff a healthy kick with our fresh food vending machine service. Dispenses Sandwiches, Patties, Pastry, Milk, Yogurt and other healthy choices.

* Conditions apply - for larger volume accounts only

Credit Debit Reader

Our vending service and machines come equipped with credit, debit and apple pay acceptance. Using a convenient tap and go payment method.


Brands We Carry!

We carry a wide range of vending service products to suite everyones needs. With our monitoring technology, we can see the best sellers at your specific location and tailor the items to your unique demographic and area of the GTA. This includes the classics as well as some healthier choices.