The Brew Centre is a local and family-owned coffee vending business dedicated to play our part by adopting eco-friendly practices and corporate social responsibility. We’re dedicated to working with you across your facility to become more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Single Cup Plastic Waste Recycling Program – Provided free to our customers, we pick up used K-Cups and Flavia Packs to send them to a special recycling facility. The plastics are separated from the organic waste – this plastic is used to create park benches where the coffee grounds are sent to organics.

Environmentally Single Cup Options – We have a large variety of coffee brewing equipment that leaves little to no landfill waste, only organics.


Point of Use Water Machines – We encourage our customers to have us install Point-of-Use water coolers which are plumbed directly into your water line. This reduces plastic bottle waste and encourages employee’s bringing re-fillable containers to the office.

Sustainable Carbonated and Juice Dispensers – For offices that would like to supply cold beverages to their staff, the Bevi machine saves over 33,000 bottles and cans annually from landfills.

Eco-friendly Break Room Alternatives – We have alternatives for all break room and kitchen supplies that are eco-friendly or compostable. From cutlery, stirs, recycled napkins, eco paper towels, compostable coffee cups and more.

Locally Sourced Coffee – We support local business, including Reunion Island Coffee Roasters, Balzacs Coffee and Muskoka Roastery.

In-house Initiatives – All the products we use for our own facility are eco-friendly. We also have on site recycling and commitment to reusing cardboard boxes for packing customer coffee orders and our deliveries. We perform daily route optimization to lower our carbon footprint and have paper reducing initiatives with emailed invoices.


Be A Part Of Our Sustainability Initiative!