Water Service

Plumbed In Industrial Water Coolers

New TOUCHLESS models available

New SPARKLING models available

  • Unlimited high quality filtered water at your fingertips, with a touchless option
  • No storage space needed for full or empty bottles
  • No time needed to do receiving or reconciling of returned bottles and bottle deposits
  • Just one easy monthly payment – no billing adjustments
  • No lifting and transporting of 42 pound bottles for our personnel or your staff
  • No risk of tampering or contamination, all spouts are covered

Most Importantly, Environmentally Friendly.

Having a plumbed in water cooler in your office will help eliminate single use plastics and encourage your staff to bring their own reusable water bottles!

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Touchless Water Coolers

The Oceanik Touchless filtered floor model water cooler will dispense cold water activated by foot pedal – reduces transmission of both bacteria and viruses and promotes healthy workplace environment. Contact us today to hear more!

Sparkling Water Cooler

Sparkling Technology! The Alpine Sparkling water cooler has a high capacity and dispenses cold sparkling, cold and hot water at the touch of a button. Large cup clearance in a sleek and modern design. Available in countertop or floor model, CO2 tank refills are included!

Still Water Coolers

The Brew Centre is pleased to provide Commercial water coolers for our clients.

These Oasis water coolers are plumbed directly into your existing water source. There water is filtered with a high quality Everpure Filter Cartridge. These units deliver both room temperature and chilled as well as an option for hot water. Some models are designed to hide the water tap to prevent cross contamination of water bottles! Come as counter-top or floor model.

The Bevi Machine

The Bevi almost eliminate purchases of pop, high sugar juices and the need for water coolers or water bottles. Hooking up to an existing water line, Bevi provides customizable pours of still, sparkling, and flavored or filtered natural water on demand. Touchless dispensing available through a QR code on the machine.

The Bevi Machine