The Market Centre

A Modern Foodservice through an Open Shelf and Self-Serve Retail System

Micro-Markets are taking over the vending scene - modernizing a traditional way to offer snacks, food and drink to your staff. Employees can pick up an item, look at nutritional content and bring the snack or drink to a central pay station where it operates as a self-checkout. The Brew Centre has developed a customizable Micro-Market solution called The Market Centre. We sell the traditionally loved snacks and drinks from a vending machine, as well as larger packaged items that wouldn't normally fit in the vending spirals. Increase your foodservice variety, customer experience and employee satisfaction with The Market Centre!


Pick up any item to look at the size, nutritional content and packaging to make an informed choice. The Market Centre is able to hold an increased variety of snacks and drinks with many healthy choices!


Bring the item you wish to purchase to The Market Centre self serve Kiosk for touchless scanning and payments. You can also open a market account for discounts and promotions.



The Market Centre is a modern and inviting space. Keep employees happy and nourished. All products are guaranteed fresh, with smart coolers that lock in event of a power outage.

Advantages of a Micro Market

Micro Markets are ideal for companies of 400 people or more and are a great alternative to traditional vending and coffee foodservice. They have:

  • Open shelving for fast and convenient service.
  • Always open. 24/7 and 7 days a week foodservice.
  • Easy, touchless payments.
  • More economical than a traditional cafeteria.
  • Increased variety of products.
  • High quality customizable shelving & fixtures.
  • Safe, Smart lock fridges for guaranteed food safety & freshness.
  • Modern & inviting as all product is available to pick up.

Customized Solutions

We will come, measure your space and draw up a design for installation all customized to your specific needs. Upgrade your snack, food and beverage program to maximize your cafeteria's potential!

We Are Proudly Serving The Greater Toronto Area

Do you work in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Marham, Aurora or any of the surrounding areas? The Brew Centre is located in Brampton and is proud to provide services and equipment for your workplace. If your office is in need of vending machines for snacks, food or beverages, our friendly staff has a variety of solutions available to offer. Contact us to learn more!