Trends in the Toronto Vending Service Industry

What is your go-to snack out of the office vending machine? We all have a favourite that seems to get us through our work day grind with that much needed pick-me-up. Well, research suggests that glucose is very important for brain function and we experience regular glucose drops throughout the day (specifically in the afternoon). So go ahead, have that snack!!

As a Toronto vending operator, knowing which items are being consumed by your specific workplace helps us properly merchandise your machine to offer more snacks in line with the trending items. Let’s be honest – what sells at a downtown office is much different than the trucking company in Mississauga. The Brew Centre uses a telemetry monitoring software that accurately tells us what item was bought to the minute. Even better, it drills down to let us know if the consumer paid by cash or credit/debit card and whether the vend was processed accurately so we know the machine is functioning well.

The 5 most popular snacks in Toronto and the GTA remain the vending regulars; Oh Henry bar, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion, Snickers and Kit Kat. However, in recent years we have seen a major spike in healthy options. These include various items of granola, nut bars, energy bars, and baked chips. Years ago, these items never sold and where often thrown away or removed from the machine due to them going off code. Although we all need and enjoy our staples, having consumers enjoy the healthy alternatives once in a while is such a positive change for our industry and our health.

The Brew Centre’s Operations Manager Renee Hartnett, sat on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association (CAMA) and was involving in creating a National Healthy Choice Program for vending operators across Canada. The program is called Smart Pick and it aims to highlight the healthier choices to consumers. The Brew Centre also offers food vending service to high volume customers – in these refrigerated machines we sell yogurt, leafy salads, fresh fruit salads, and vegetable soups! That traditional vending machine you remember as a kid has made some leaps, not only in technology but also in health.

For more information about our vending service or our Smart Pick Healthy Choices program, please call us at (905) 795-3260. We are happy to come do a site tour of your facility and show you our modern machines and product offerings.


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