A New Sustainable Beverage Machine

The Bevi smart water machine has hit Toronto’s office coffee service market and it’s making quiet sustainable entrance. The machine produces sparkling and flat flavoured water, with all-natural ingredients. It’s been all the rage, as sparkling water popularity has soared. The best part? Cans and bottles are a thing of the past as it dispenses into your refillable water bottle. Not every Toronto office has recycling services, meaning that all of the single use plastic bottles and cans that offices are producing go straight to our landfill. Not to mention the large push to eliminate single use plastics all together.

When The Brew Centre started discussing becoming a distributor for the Bevi machine, the environmental factor alone was a no brainer. A large amount of our customers provide free canned and bottled beverages to their staff and guests, and this would fill the void for an environmentally friendly alternative. The machine even has a running tally of how many bottles were saved from landfills, such a great feature! In the first month of offering the Bevi machine, The Brew Centre placed 10 machines for Toronto office coffee customers and the buzz hasn’t slowed down.

The popularity of the Bevi machine is also credited to the taste of the product. We love the product so much that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a machine for our own office. The product is bubbly, full of flavour and adjustable to your specific taste preference. There are many flavours to choose from including cucumber, watermelon, strawberry lemon grass, lime and our office favourite grapefruit! The machines are smart monitored remotely and will let you know when a flavour or CO2 tank is low running low. Our services include the maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of the machines, ensuring you have reliable beverages at your fingertips. Please give us a call today at (905)795-3260 for more information and to schedule your no obligation taste test for the new revolutionary Bevi Machine! We also have a demo machine at our facility and welcome you to come see the machine in action at 2600 Williams Parkway, Brampton Ontario L6S 5X7.


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